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Our Values

The West Virginia State Firemen’s Association serves as a unified voice of the fire service in the Mountain State. Recognized and revered by the West Virginia Legislature, Office of the State Fire Marshall, and the State Fire Commission, the Association strives to ensure the well-being, betterment, and longevity of each fire department and firefighter in this great state.


Our Vision

Founded in 1928, the WVSFA represents firefighters, fire departments, and the fire service of West Virginia at both state and national levels. Formed with adequate and unified representation in mind, the body focuses efforts on securing funding, recruitment and retention initiatives, and operational standardization.


Our Mission

To organize and promote unity among firefighters in the State of West Virginia

To initiate and maintain active participation in all aspects of the fire service including training, education, fire prevention, and law and legislative action

To promote comradery, support, and common ground between active and retired firefighters, as well as volunteer and career firefighters

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