legislature ff day 2016Members of Fire Departments from all over the State of West Virginia were present today at the Capitol for Firefighter’s Day at the Legislature. Representatives of the WV State Firemen’s Association, including President Holstein, Vice Presidents John Hall Jr, Jerry Loudin, GT Parsons and other officers were there to represent all volunteer fire departments in the State.

Our Legislative Lobbyist, Sam Love, had this to say “….we’re working on getting a fix to the Worker’s Comp issue, that is our top priority.”

During the day, WV Firefighters were recognized by the Senate as read by Senator Boso, a Resolution thanking all firefighters across the state for their dedication to their communities. IMG_1475

President Holstein added “..we met with every Senator and Delegate that was available. We had discussions with the House of Delegates Finance Committee Chair in reference to HB 2199. We discussed options and what we wanted. We’re committed to finding a resolution to the Worker’s Comp issues and it’s going to take the determination of the State Assn and the leadership of the Legislature to make it happen. We want a permanent fix, not a temporary patch and we’re going to see this thing through, no matter how quickly or how long it takes.”

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