The West Virginia State Auditors Office was empowered by the West Virginia Legislature in
2011 to implement and administer H.B. 3271 (The Volunteer Fire Department Workers’
Compensation Premium Subsidy Program). The Auditor assembled a cross functional work
team made up of representatives from his office, the Office of the State Insurance
Commissioner, the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc., and the WV State Fire
Marshal. This team developed:

~ Administrative parameters
1 Data processing requirements

1 Communication strategy

The team completed the development in June 2011 with the launch of a new page on the State
Auditor’s website, which provided the information and requisite documentation to assist
volunteer fire departments in acquiring Workers’ Compensation Premium Subsidy. Subsidy
requests began to arrive in early July 2011.

To date, ofthe 416 state volunteer fire departments, 288 have applied for the subsidy. Of that
group, 264 have been processed (the difference being work-in-process). Subsidy payments
currently total $1,267,139.05. The average payout has been $4,399.79.

All payments described are based on Initial Estimated Premiums. The actual Workers’
Compensation Premium for an individual volunteer fire department will not be known until the
tinal audit is completed (estimated at 15 months after the initial date ofthe policy). The result of
the final audit can result in another payment due to the carrier or a refund to the volunteer fire
department dependent on the actual number of hours worked by those individuals within the
771 ‘l class code (fireñghterldriver).


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