John Holstein


Jackson’s Mill W.V.

WVU Confined Space Rescue Apparatus

Where can you obtain the most comprehensive fire service training, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, techniques and safety practices? West Virginia University offers all of this and more at the West Virginia State Fire Academy in Jackson’s Mill, WV.

When seconds count, training matters. That’s the motto of the WVU Fire Service Extension. During a recent visit to the facility, I was given the “grand tour” and shown several new additions and some favored old additions to the facility and equipment. One of the newest arrivals and recently Christened at the Sissonville Fire School is the Mobile Confined Space Rescue Trailer/Trainer (See photo). This apparatus encompasses the latest design for up-to-date training in confined space rescue. Designed and manufactured by WVU Instructors, this trailer is anticipated to deliver quality instruction to the fire fighters of West Virginia and surrounding states.

McMechen Engine – Donated to the Fire Academy

During our visit to the Academy, we were able to watch as practical exercises were being performed by a group of firefighters going through Firemanship Level 1 Class. These participants were engaged in smoke exercises within the WVU Burn Trailer and practicing their abilities to do reloading of preconnected hose lines on the Academy’s Engine, which was donated by the McMechen Volunteer Fire Department, a member of the West Virginia State Firemen’s Association.

The classrooms inside the academy are spacious and accommodating. There’s multi-media audio and video equipment to utilize the latest in technology to assist in classroom instruction.

Training Video at the WVU Fire Academy

Other equipment noted onsite; a 100ft. Tower and an American LaFrance Engine. These compliment the classes of instruction and the goals of the Academy.

Throughout the year, more and more classes are added to the Academy to allow our fire service brothers and sisters to obtain Pro Board level classes through WVU’s Extension Service. Through the efforts of the leadership of the Extension service, WVU proves to be leading the service with exceptional training opportunities.

The Junior Firefighter Training Course will be held from June 23 – June 28 of 2012. More info on this event will be posted on the WVSFA website.

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