VFIS to Offer Broad Form Liability to Volunteer Fire Departments
August 2, 2010

VFIS of West Virginia will be offering Broadform Liability coverage(s) to their insureds as those department’s Worker’s Comp policies with Brickstreet renew over the course of the next eleven (11) months.  This coverage will not be offered as a stand alone policy but only be available for purchase to those departments who carry VFIS Insurance plans.

The cost of the policies will be nominal and you will need to contact VFIS at 1-800-926-VFIS for your department’s quote(s) and specifics about renewal.  This will also alleviate the concerns that existed in our constituency with regard to having to deal with BRIM.  It is my understanding that the BRIM option will still be open to those not insured by VFIS.

We would like to thank Troy Markel, President of VFIS; Bill Bailey, Linda Connolly, John Bailey, and Dave Camp – all from VFIS of WV – for their work in helping out West Virginia’s fire service.  They have been very responsive to our concerns by advocating on our behalf and are willing to work with us as we continue to press the legislature for immunity clarification and work to resolve this dilemma related to our Worker’s Compensation coverage(s).

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