41786_120892774382_3917531_nBrian Malcolm, President

West Virginia State Firemen’s Association




To the Honorable Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor; Glenn Gainer, Auditor; Jeff Kessler, Senate President; Tim Miley, House Speaker; WV Legislators; Acting WV Fire Marshal Carrico; Becky Neal, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs; The Governor’s, Auditor’s and Legislative Staff; Sam Love, Lobbyist; WV State Firemen’s Association Legislative Committee:

On behalf of the Officers and Members of the West Virginia State Firemen’s Association, we would like to thank each of you for coming together as leaders of our great State and Leaders within the Fire Service to finalize the efforts set forth by the Legislature in obtaining the necessary funds to keep the workers compensation finances of the State’s Volunteer Fire Service solvent.

The cooperative effort of all parties involved ensure continuing services to be provided by our Volunteer Fire Service.

We look forward to working together on the task of obtaining a permanent solution to the workers compensation issue of the State’s Volunteer Fire Service.





Brian Malcolm,






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