Press Release

West Virginia State Firemen’s Association Supports Senate Bill 168

By John Holstein, President

For Immediate Release

Charleston, WV. – Senate Bill 168 (SB168) is currently stalled in the Finance Committee of the WV State Senate, Senator Mike Hall (R – Putnam) Committee Chair. We would request that everyone interested in lowering their yearly Home Owner’s Insurance Policy Premiums contact Senator Hall’s Office at Room 451M, Building 1, State Capitol Complex, Charleston, WV 25305, Capitol Phone: (304) 357-7901 and ask that Senate Bill 168 be placed on the Agenda.

As the largest fire service organization within the State of West Virginia, we have the opportunity to take a look at the finances of many fire departments within the State. What we have seen is extremely discouraging. We know, based on information provided by Fire Chiefs, with an increase in revenue to the fire departments, we will see a direct impact on lowering the ISO rating of fire departments, which has a direct result in LOWERING insurance costs to the citizens of West Virginia. One department in Mingo county was able to decrease their ISO rating from a “9” to a “6-A”, which in turn dropped the Home Owner’s Insurance premium of some home owners by as much as 42%. This policy went from $1900 per-year to $1100. A $800 savings.

While the above is true for one particular location, the sad reality is, fire departments all over the State of West Virginia are closing their doors due to a lack of funding. This will cause the reverse to occur: Insurance Premiums will SKY ROCKET. The Volunteer Fire Service is the ONLY organization in the State which relies on meager funding that directly affects every single person within the borders of West Virginia. The Volunteer Fire Departments have never received an increase in their funding from the State, yet, the costs associated with keeping the doors to the fire stations open has consistently risen.

By advancing Senate Bill 168, the legislature will add a tiny amount of tax to insurance policies. Based on a $1900 per-year policy, this tax would be as little as $8.55 per YEAR (0.45% tax increase), compared to saving $800 per year. This is a NO BRAINER folks. Give Senator Hall and your representatives at the Legislature a call and let them know that you want to save money.

John Holstein, President WVSFA


  • edited – original calculation was based on a $900 savings which a $800 savings was actually seen. adjusted where appropriate.
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