As many are aware, Sam Love, our long-time lobbyist and our “voice” at the Capital announced his intention to retire during our 2017 Convention. We want to thank Sam for his efforts over the years. There’s been many issues that have faced us that Sam has been instrumental in helping us overcome. It goes without saying, Sam’s retirement left a vacancy within our organization that we had to fill. With the upcoming Interim Sessions pressing upon us, as Legislative Chair and with the cooperation of the President and Vice Presidents along with input from the Executive Committee, we knew we had to fill that void as quickly as possible with the most capable lobbyist(s) that we could find and afford.

Several potential candidates for the opening were considered. Our choice was Hartman, Harman and Cosco. They’re beginning immediately and will be representing us at the upcoming interim session. We look forwarded to working with them and we’re excited for a new era in our legislative work.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming legislative session, feel free to contact any of the officers or me, as Legislative Committee Chair for 2017-2018.

John Holstein

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