We understand the financial burden that some fire departments are under. In many cases, there are departments that are in serious need of specific equipment and apparatus to provide adequate fire and rescue protection for their districts. Conversely, there are departments that are suitably financially stable and have equipment in excess of their needs. In this situation, many departments look for other departments to donate equipment and apparatus to.

We would like to begin compiling a need/have list of departments in need of particular pieces of equipment without the funding source to provide this equipment AND a list of departments with extra equipment and a willingness to donate this equipment to a department in need.

Feel free to email your needed or excess equipment list. I will compile this list into a page for our website for all to browse. We’ll help put you in contact with each other. No further warranties or guarantees will apply. It will be between your organizations to work out the details.

I would appreciate an email stating that you have obtained or given away the equipment, so I can modify the web page and keep it up to date.



John Holstein,
3rd Vice President & Public Relations
West Virginia State Firemen’s Association

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