WVSFA President Paula Smith, WVSFA Executive Committee Member Doug Estep and WVSFA Legislative Committee Members Tom Miller, John Holstein and John Ashcraft met today, June 16th 2010 with Governor Manchin, Insurance Commissioner Cline and representatives of Brickstreet Insurance to discuss the current issues surrounding Volunteer Fire Department’s Workers Compensation and broad form liability coverage.

During this meeting, Governor Manchin was able to successfully mediate an agreement between Brickstreet and the West Virginia State Firemen’s Association stopping all increases in Worker’s Comp premiums for all West Virginia Fire Departments until July 1 2011 and a 60 day extension past July 1 2010 was granted by Brickstreet allowing Volunteer Fire Departments to maintain broad form coverage until something could be done in the upcoming special session of the State Legislature on July 19th 2010.

Furthermore, the Governor has initiated a special “working group” to address the issues presented.

After the meeting, a press conference was held where Governor Manchin addressed these issues to the media. Coverage can be seen on WCHS, WSAZ, and WOWK.

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