UPDATE: The time for the start of the Firefighter Day at the Capitol has changed. We will be meeting at 8am in the Rotunda of the Capitol.


The Legislative Reception will be held on February 28 2013 at the Beni-Kedem Shrine beginning at 6pm in Charleston West Virginia (next to the Civic Center). We request that members from across the State notify their Delegates and Senators and ask that they attend this reception.

┬áThe Firefighter Day at the Legislature is scheduled for March 1 2013 at the 2nd Floor Rotunda Area, beginning at 8am. We sent out the Legislative roster to our email list yesterday. Please print out your own copy of this list or note your Legislator’s info. You will need their room number. If you’re unable to attend, please give their office a call and let them know that several bills are coming up, regarding Worker’s Compensation and safety issues that need their support. If they have any questions regarding the bills, to contact Sam Love, our lobbyist, for more info.
As always, fire department uniform is the prescribed uniform of the day. Alternative fire department attire, such as polo and t shirts will suffice.
The Governor’s State of the State Address is tomorrow night, Feb 13 2013 in the House Chambers at 6pm. You are invited to attend as well. The volunteer fire service of West Virginia will be represented, but as always, the more, the merrier.
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