This is a preparation alert. Between now and Monday, we may request
that all available personnel show up at the Capitol to help get this
bill passed, without amendments, in the Senate.

For those available on Monday 2/13/2012, please be prepared to rush to
Charleston for assistance on HB 4107, pertaining to training and
Legislative oversight of training. We will need an “all hands on deck”
response from all available firefighters throughout the State. For
those available and willing, prepare to take days off of work,
vacation days, etc. This bill is this important.

Will are also initiating an email campaign to all Senators regarding
these issues and HB 4107 showing our support. There’s misinformation
being spread by those against this bill and we need to set the record
straight. The correct information will be sent out by the WVSFA over
the weekend. Please copy/paste and/or send out your version of our
mailing to your Senators after you receive it from the WVSFA.

More info to follow over the weekend, including some very shocking
quotes from so-called “leaders” within the fire service.

Thanks and have a safe day!


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