The West Virginia State Firemen’s Association’s “Have/Need” Fire Service Equipment Campaign

We’re happy to announce a campaign to help fire departments obtain equipment when limited or no funding sources are available.

Departments are in constant need of equipment and apparatus. Some departments do not have the monetary resources available to fund some equipment purchases. With the costs of fire equipment sky rocketing in recent years, replacement of equipment due to wear and tear can be a financial crisis for some departments. Also, as in recent memory, some departments undergo disasters such as what happened to the Sissonville VFD.

In contrast, some departments have excess equipment and ample funding sources for replacement equipment. Rather than allow this equipment to sit by the way-side and be destroyed, we hope to find a new home for pieces of apparatus and fire service equipment.

Below, you will find a list of equipment needed and on-hand by those in need and those having excess. Please email me if you’re in need or you have something to donate to another department.

This list is not warrantied or guaranteed in any way by the WVSFA. The entities exchanging the equipment are responsible for any “deals made”.


Posted 10-20-2010

Cecil Township Volunteer Fire Company #3

  1. To sell at a reasonable price ($15,000.00) or other arrangements for a needy department: 1981 Mack 1500/1000, 6 Cyl Diesel, 5 Speed Manual Transmission, Pumper, click to download the Sale Flyer

Posted: 10-27-2010

The Clairton Volunteer Fire Deparment

  1. 2 sets of MSA high pressure air packs available to any department for free provided the receiving department has the air packs tested before using.  Air packs were in working order to the last of our knowledge, upgrades were purchased with a grant, leaving these packs out of service. Contact: John A. Lattaniz, Fire Chief Clairton VFD – (412) 233-8113 ex. 3020


Posted 10-20-2010

Bakerton Fire Department in Jefferson County, WV

  1. Tanker or water tender as ours has been placed out of service and is beyond repair. We also need a Skid Unit or large tank and pump for a Deuce and a Half Flat Bed we are turning into a Brush and Wild land Unit, our current one went out of service 2 weeks ago due to several issues. Contact: James Johnson, Fire Chief, BFD7 – 304 839 4197

Posted 11-18-2010

Barangay Volunteer Auxiliary Group, Philippines

  1. Good Day,I’m Stephen Eric P. Chua from the Philippines, me and my group ( 20 persons ). from all walks of life are all volunteer members of our peace & order council in our local community involve in various activities such as, peace keeping, emergency response team ( medical or calamity), and other volunteer works including fire fighting in our local community. We serve as an auxiliary group when needed by our Barangay (Local Community) Captain or Chairman. As part of it all, we sometimes responded to fire calls without proper gears, such as turnout gears, helmets, hoods, gloves, and fire boots. Our Barangay only had 5 sets of fire fighting gears for their regular members; we sometimes borrow from them in case the need arises. We love and dedicate our free time in volunteer work and serve our fellowmen for free. But the lack of proper fire gears & equipments are sometimes a hindrance to our group in responding to fire & other emergency calls, it’s because the price of such gears & equipments here in the Philippines are too expensive and much high value for the good branded ones, and we ourselves could not afford to purchase it. And being a volunteer here, one should gear himself with the needed gears & equipments individually.A former classmate of mine from the old high school days, a regular volunteer from the Filipino-Chinese Fire Volunteer Brigade once told me to try and ask for help from like you guys in the US. So here I am hoping that some kind hearted ones could render us help in anyway they could, but not financially as we speak but thru donations of used, 2nd hand/ surplus fire & rescue gears and equipments. It would be a great help to us from you guys out there.In regarding this matter and in behalf of my group may I respectfully request for your donation or support from your kind hearted ones, used ,2nd hand, or surplus turnout gears, fire helmets, hoods, gloves, fire boots, fire & rescue gears and equipments that are already not in use by your brigades. It would be a great help to us.I’m hoping for your kind hearted consideration in regarding this matter. Thank you and keep safe. God Bless you all. Best regards; Mr. Stephen Eric P. Chua c/o Mr. Larry Querubin#177 Blas Roque Compound, Brgy. Bagbag,Novaliches 1116, Quezon City, Philippines Email Address:
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