The Gail Ash Award is a very prestigious award given every year by the West Virginia State Fireman’s Association, Fire Prevention Committee to the Fire Dept. that does an outstanding job all year long educating the citizens of the Great State of West Virginia in preventing fires.

Gail Ash was a life member of Weirton Volunteer Company #1, of Weirton WV and a life member of the WVSFA. He was instrumental in Fire Prevention and Education of the Public, as well as active in the fire service his entire adult life. This award was created to keep his memory and accomplishments fresh and alive in the hearts of those who follow in the fire service, and strive for a better quality of life for not just West Virginians but all of mankind.

Here are the Guidelines for applying for the Gail Ash Award:

1.) Each Fire Prevention submission for the Gail Ash Award will run from July of convention year to july of the following year.

2.) Deadline for eligibility must be postmarked by the second Saturday in July before the convention where it will be awarded.

3.) All Fire Prevention activities must be documented (i.e., newspaper clippings, video tape, pictures, etc.).

4.) All activities must deal directly with Fire Prevention.

5.) All submissions are to be sent to the Fire Prevention Committee Chairperson.

6.) Any submissions postmarked after the second Saturday in July will not be considered for the award, but will be displayed for viewing at the convention.

7.) All submissions will be returned to the respective fire department after the convention.

Send submissions to:
Scott A. Moore – Chairperson
WVSFA Fire Prevention Committee
4 Foolish Pleasure Drive
Evans, WV 25241

304-786-8496 Home
304-670-6369 Cell

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