An email we received concerning the IRP (SIRN) system, passing it along:


Subject: Meeting with Governor’s Legislative Liaison

Good Morning Directors,

Yesterday we finally had the meeting concerning the fate and future of SIRN.
I would like to give you a short synopsis of what took place, because I
would have to write a book to give you all the details. It was interesting
and contentious to say the least.

The participants were representatives from the governor’s office, Jimmy from
DHSEM, Christy from DMAPS, Smithers and Scott from the State Police, Vivian
from the County Commission Association, Patty from the Association of
Counties, a lady from the Municipal League, Rodney Miller from the Deputy
Sheriff’s Association, the sheriffs of Raleigh and Cabell County
representing the Sheriff’s Association, Dale Petry representing the EMC, GE
McCabe and myself.

The governor’s liaison had draft legislation that was presented for
discussion and he explained that a bill must be prepared for the legislature
within the next three days.  In a nutshell, the bill draft gave control to
DMAPS, put the SWIC and the maintenance under the State Police and sent all
funding to the State Police. It gave no consideration to any of the issues
we had raised.  The draft was met with great opposition by myself, Dale
Petry, the Sheriff’s and Deputy Sheriff’s Association and the County
Commission Association.  We let it be known that we would vehemently oppose
the bill in it’s current form.  I explained to them in great detail what we
had discussed and would be willing to accept, but I have no confidence that
it will be considered at this time.  The State Police is not willing to
compromise on anything that does not give them the control and the funding.
They just couldn’t understand why we were all opposed to that.

While funding was not addressed in this draft, it was discussed.  So sit
down and hold on, because here is their main priority for funding(which
probably won’t be introduced until 2016)……….They want to open the 911
Wireless Fee, add 30 cents to it and give it to the State Police for SIRN.

The meeting ended with the liaison planning to introduce the draft to the
legislature and then hoped we could all get together again next week to
agree on some changes to it. I ended my comments by saying that we would not
agree on anything that did not give the governance and funding to DHSEM and
I promised him that over 50 counties would be contacting their legislators
in opposition of the current draft.  The County Commission Association
echoed my sentiments.

The liaison left dissatisfied. Myself, Vivian, Dale, the Sheriffs and deputy
sheriff left with resolve to fight on and the State Police left very

Stay tuned……………………...

Dean Meadows

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