5bugleAt recent Fire Commission Training Committee meetings, WVSFA President John Holstein brought it to the attention of the Fire Commission that a discrepancy existed between the prerequisites for Fire Officer 1 and 2 classes vs. the Equivalency application with the Fire Commission. The Equivalency form that was online with the State Fire Marshal’s Office included a prerequisite for HazMat Ops in order to obtain the Equivalency from the Commission. However, there exists many firefighters that are “Firefighter 2” certified through previous classes where HazMat ops was not required. These firefighters are certified to have Firefighter 2 and the NFPA requirement for Fire Officer 1 and 2 is Firefighter 2, and not with the addition of HazMat Ops.

After meeting with the Training Committee of the Fire Commission on 12-8-2015, the issue was voted on to be taken to the full Commission, whereby on this date, 12-9-2015, the Fire Commission determined that Firefighter 2 certification was the only prerequisite for Fire Officer 1 & 2 classes and equivalency.



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