The West Virginia Legislature created and runs the ‘West Virginia Crime Victims Compensation Fund. The Legislature created the program to provide appropriate financial assistance to the innocent victims of crime who have suffered personal injury or death during the commission of a crime.

The Legislature wants to be certain that firemen are aware that if they are injured in the line of work, due to a crime, such as arson, an injured fireman may qualify, for financial assistance from the Crime Victims Compensation Fund. Such financial compensation could be awarded to assist a fireman with out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance or workers’ compensation.  For example, an overtime work loss, that is not reimbursed under either of the aforementioned sources, may be the basis for an award.

The Legislature also wants to be certain that firemen are aware that there is a two-year statute of limitations from the date of the crime for the filing of a crime victim claim. All firemen, including volunteer firemen, are encouraged to apply to the Crime Victims Compensation Fund for assistance if any out-of-pocket loss has been or may be incurred as the result of a crime.

The Legislature encourages you to contact the legislative agency which runs the program, the Court of Claims, to discuss any questions you have about the program with the Clerk of the Court of Claims, Ms. Cheryle Hall, or her staff. Ms. Hall and her staff can be contacted at 877-562-6878 or via email at


Aaron Allred

Legislative Manager

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