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Charleston Daily Mail via Firehouse (Wire)



“The guys work together every day, and most of them are pretty close, so they’ll be able to tell if someone is having problems with it,” Samples said.

One firefighter who worked the fire told Chief Chuck Overstreet Monday morning he was thinking of leaving the job.

“He said he wasn’t sure this was the job for him after this,” Overstreet said. “I understand. He’s got five or six years on the job and a couple of little ones at home.

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A Nationwide Shift of Services Rendered
By John Holstein, Chief, Danville Volunteer Fire Department (WV)

Over the course of the past twenty odd years or so, the volunteer fire service has gradually shifted focus from the standard “fire department”, toward a more proactive roll in the community. Not only have volunteer fire departments become more active in their respective communities, they’ve also taken on new assignments and responsibilities. Within the volunteer fire service, it is common knowledge that our service is very dynamic. From day to day, we never know what service we’ll be asked to provide. This article was written from the perspective of a Chief Officer in a local volunteer department. However, many of the situations, scenarios and financial matters can be seen at many departments all over the State of West Virginia and the Nation.

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West Virginia State Firemen’s Association

The Public Relations Department of the West Virginia State Firemen’s  Association is pleased to announce the production and release of the new  “Recruitment” video for West Virginia State Volunteer Fire Departments.  In cooperation with several volunteer departments and Suddenlink Media,  this video (and audio version) have been developed in the hopes of running as a “Public  Service Announcement” (PSA) on local television and radio stations to garner more volunteers for the fire service in West Virginia.

In the past several years, the number of volunteer fire fighters has sharply declined. Without having an adequate number of people to do operations, fire and rescue protection will decline. The fire service in West Virginia needs your help. Visit your local volunteer fire department and see just exactly what you can do to help. Whether it’s running emergency responses or helping out around the station, everyone can make a difference.

Below, a lower quality YouTube video shows the PSA in its entirety. For a high quality copy of this video in DVD/bin (dvd image file) for burning to DVD, please email John Holstein. This file can be used by your local TV station as a Public Service Announcement (PSA).

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Emergency crews are on the scene of a fire at the Sissonville Volunteer Fire Department.
Posted: 9:05 AM Oct 1, 2010
Reporter: Anna Baxter

SISSONVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Emergency crews are on the scene of a fire at the Sissonville Volunteer Fire Department.

The fire was reported just before 9:00 a.m. Friday.

911 dispatchers tell the building has collapsed. Firefighters are still trying to get the fire under control.

A Sissonville Volunteer Firefighter says the department’s trucks were still inside the fire house when the fire started. A firefighter tells the department’s main engine, rescue truck and a tanker were all lost in the fire. A 4X4 ranger was also housed at the department and it was destroyed in the fire.

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“…the state firemen’s association is calling on Gov. Joe Manchin to add this issue to the special session.”

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It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the passing of our brother, Donald Adkins, 32, of the Glasgow Volunteer Fire Department. Brother Adkins lost his life in the line of duty while performing a water rescue in Beaver Creek near the Glen Morgan bridge (Raleigh County, WV).

Allow us to express our sincere condolences to the family, friends and fire service brothers and sisters of Donald. You are gone, but not soon forgotten.


Visitation and Funeral to be held on Wednesday, March 24 2010 at 11am and 2pm at the Riverside High School.

David Hodges, Asst. Chief of the Whitesville Volunteer Fire Department is preparing a “Patch Drive” for Donald’s son Devin. Asst. Chief Hodges requests that all patches be sent in C/O:

David Hodges

Whitesville Volunteer Fire Dept

PO BX 145

Whitesville WV, 25209

The Glasgow Volunteer Fire Department will be in need of firefighters to “man the station” through Monday, March 22nd 2010 and possibly Tuesday and/or Wednesday. For more information, contact someone at the Glasgow VFD, 304-595-4554.

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“In addition to fire safety inspections, a significant number of man-hours were expended conducting fire safety training and educational programs, complaint investigations, assisting the Fire Investigation Division and department training. Additional educational programs include: in-service training to county school maintenance and educational staffs, presentations to the West Virginia Landlords Association, Department of Health and Human Services social workers, West Virginia Advocate employees day care and Residential Board & Care providers and the West Virginia Hospital Engineers Association,” the report states.

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Published: January 11, 2010 09:21 pm

“…Then, after a few hours, along came members of the Green Sulphur Volunteer Fire Department in Summers County. They were in private four-wheel-drive vehicles going from stranded vehicle to stranded vehicle offering assistance. They took me and many others to their firehouse and provided warmth, food, drink, and a comfortable place to sleep that night. The next day they transported many of us to local motels so we could be even more comfortable. On the second day they even came out and helped many of us dig out and push out our cars to get back under way.”

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The Journal
POSTED: October 6, 2009

HEDGESVILLE – The National Volunteer Fire Council, in partnership with the Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation, has selected 10 outstanding junior firefighter programs and Explorer Posts from departments nationwide to receive a $5,000 grant through the NVFC National Junior Firefighter Program. The junior firefighter program at Hedgesville Volunteer Fire Co. was one of the 10 recipients selected for the grant.

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