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West Virginia State Firemen's Association



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Hosted by Vienna Volunteer Fire Department, Vienna, West Virginia


Hope this letter finds you all well! We are continuing our planning for the convention this year, and wanted to let you know of a little more information than our previous mailing! The dates are August 14th, 15th and 16th, 2014. We hope to see you there!

So far, two motels will be housing firemen. The Comfort Inn located in Parkersburg (by the Grand Central Mall), and The Wyngate, near the Grand Pointe Conference Center. Rooms allotted at the Wyngate are already filled, but there are rooms at the Comfort Inn. You may want to check back closer to the convention to see if there had been any cancellations. If the Comfort Inn becomes full, we will look into another motel/hotel for our members.



The Wyngate               1502 Grand Central Ave., Vienna          (304) 295-5501        $110.00

The Comfort Inn          401-37th St., Parkersburg                        (304) 424-5300        $111.60


The events are still being planned at this time, but as of right now, the following tentative plans have been made:

Wednesday, August 13th: 11:00am Golf Tournament at Worthington Golf Course, Parkersburg , prices to

be deteremined. Evening: Fish Fry- Free to everyone

Thursday, August 14th:  9:00am: The convention begins at the Grand Pointe Conference & Reception

Center. Noon: Chief’s Luncheon, Grand Pointe Conference &

Reception Center. - $   Dinner: Cookout at the Dils River Park – $

(we are still working on the price for these functions)

Friday, August 15th:    9:00am: The convention continues at the Grand Pointe Conference & Reception

Center 11:00am: A Memorial Service is planned at Wayside United Methodist Church in Vienna. Dinner: Annual banquet at Grand Pointe Conference & Reception Center – $25 per person

Saturday, August 16th:   Morning: Conclusion of the Business Session at 9:00am to ??

More information and pre-registration forms will be mailed at a later time. If you should have any other questions, please free to contact me at the fire station at (304) 295-5652, or at home (304) 295-6154, or Doyle Burkholder at (304) 481-7975.


Larry L. Goodwin, President

Vienna Volunteer Fire Dept.




Vendor Information

Convention Letter

Program Advertisement

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Download the WVSFA Nominating Committee nomination form.



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For more information concerning Convention 2013, please visit this link.



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Please visit this site for more information about the 2012 WVSFA Convention.

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SEPTEMBER 8th-9th-10th 2011

Stonewall Jackson Resort

Wednesday September 7, 2011
Golf Scramble                      8:00 am
Registration                          3:00 pm
Venders set up                      12:00 Noon
Registration Closed              7:00 pm
Hospitality Picnic                 7:00 pm

Thursday September 8, 2011
Registration Opens                 7:30 to 9:00 am
Venders Open                         8:00 am
Posting of the colors               8:50 pm
Meeting called to order          9:00 am
Guest Activities                      10:00 am
Chief’s Lunchenon                  12:00 Noon
Meeting Resume                     1:00 pm
Dismissed                               4:00 pm
Firefighter Picnic                    6:30 pm

Friday September 9, 2011
Venders Open                        8:00 am
Meeting called to order         9:00 am
Memorial Service                 10:45 am
Guest Activities                    1:00 pm
Meeting Resumes                 1:00 pm
Banquet                                7:00 pm

Saturday September 10, 2011
Meeting Resume                   9:30 am
Convention Close                 ?

Activities and Cost(s)

Wednesday            Hospitality Picnic              Free
Thursday               Chief’s Lunchon                $20.00
Thursday               Picnic                                   $20.00
Friday                    Memorial Luncheon         $20.00
Banquet                               $35.00

Lewis Country Firefighter Association





$260.00 per team

JIM SPROUSE  304-439-1556
WESTON FIRE 304-269-2349

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83rd Annual WV State Fireman’s Association Convention

Stonewall Jackson Resort and State Park

Sept 8, 9, 10,  2011

The Lewis County Firefighters Association will be hosting the 83rd Annual WV State Fireman’s Association Convention to be held at Stonewall Jackson Resort and State Park, September 8th 9th 10th 2011.  Please find attached the advertisement for our program and information for vendor floor space.  If you should have any other questions please find the contact information in the attachment or direct them to Weston Fire Department (304) 269-2349.  We would like to Thank You in advance for taking the time to consider supporting the 83rd annual WV State Fireman’s Association Convention.



Vendor Application



Stonewall Jackson Resort (room rates have not yet been delivered, will add these rates when they’re provided)

Resort Phone: 888.278.8150

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Press Release

For Immediate Release


Wheeling, WV

The West Virginia State Firemen’s Association met in Oglebay Park in Wheeling last week for their 82nd Annual Convention. Topics of discussion were the recent broad form liability issue (deliberate intent) and recruitment and retention of viable fire fighters throughout the State.

Other important topics of debate included pending worker’s compensation issues and the special committees appointed by Gov. Joe Manchin’s office to review compensable injuries, deliberate intent and risk management. The convention also discussed efforts being made toward scholarships awarded to volunteer firefighters attending trade, technical and college level courses related to the fire service, the junior fire fighter’s camp offered by the West Virginia University Fire Service Extension and safety seminar’s offered by the National Volunteer Fire Council. Volunteers from around the State representing a majority of Volunteer Fire Departments were delegates to the convention.

State Senator Kessler, a potential gubernatorial candidate, addressed the convention on Thursday and Friday. Several area House of Delegates members were also in attendance.
On Friday, Gov. Joe Manchin addressed the convention. Manchin and Senator Kessler both assured attendees that legislation would be in the works to obtain the immunity that VFD‘s are seeking.

The following firefighters were elected to officer positions within the association: Chief Jim Oldaker, Alum Creek Volunteer Fire epartment, elected as President of the West Virginia State Firemen’s Association; Brian Malcomb, Chief of the Springfield Volunteer Fire Department elected as 1st Vice President; Lee Goodwin an Officer in the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department elected as 2nd Vice President; Chief John Holstein, Danville Volunteer Fire Department, was chosen as 3rd Vice President; Harry Shockey an Officer at Morefield VFD elected as Executive Secretary; Assistant Chief Larry Goodwin of Vienna VFD, elected to Sgt. at Arms; Sandra McDonald from Charles Town elected as Financial Secretary; Tim Evans, Chief of Keyser VFD, elected as Assistant Secretary; Colleen Beauchesne, a Lifetime Fire Service Member, elected as Treasurer; Lou Richmond from Glen Dale elected as Historian; and David C. Harman elected as Parlimentarian.

The convention continued through Saturday where members discussed various issues pertaining to the fire service in West Virginia along with regular business meetings to discuss issues within the association. Holstein emphasized that the WVSFA encourages all fire fighters in the State to attend the convention and for all fire departments in the State to join the association.

Over the course of 2010, many legislative issues were addressed, several of these issues ended with positive steps taken by the legislature that directly affect every volunteer fire department in the State and several issues that affect all fire departments, paid and volunteer. The association actively lobbies the legislature during all sessions. The organization wishes to thank all sponsors and volunteers that made the 2010 convention a success and especially the Marshall County Fire Fighter’s Association for hosting the event.

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The 2010 Convention will be held at Oglebay Resort, Wheeling WV -  Aug 19th – 21st 2010.

Rooms and Cottages my be reserved by contacting Oglebay Resort at 800-624-6988 or 304-243-4000.

More information can be found at


ROOMS / DATES AVAILABLE (135 Lodge Rooms are available for 3 nights):

Checking-In: Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Checking-Out: Saturday, August 21, 2010

ROOM RATES: Wed, Thurs & Fri

Traditional 2 Double bed Room: $99.00
Traditional Queen daybed Room: $99.00
Traditional King bed Room: $99.00
Intermediate 2 Double bed Room: $99.00
Intermediate Queen bed Room: $99.00
Intermediate King bed Room: $99.00
Deluxe Room: $140.00
Premium Room: $165.00
Suite: $300.00
Executive Suite: $500.00

Cottages are a great buy for those who bring more than 4 people
Deluxe 2 Bedroom Cottage ( Sleep 8 ) $292.50/night
Deluxe 4 Bedroom Cottage ( Sleep 16 ) $437.00/night

For more Cottage Raters Please go to

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For those planning on attending the 2010 West Virginia State Firemen’s Association Convention, please download this form.

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