Mission Statement:

To organize and promote unity among firefighters in the State of West Virginia. To initiate and maintain an active participation in all aspects of the fire service including training, education, fire prevention, law and legislative action. To promote comradely, support and common ground between active and retired firefighters as well as volunteer and career firefighters.


Maintaining approximately 75% of all fire departments within the State of West Virginia, the WVSFA attempts to represent all departments fairly and equally on all issues that we’re involved in. As a collective group of advocates, we are actively involved in legislative lobbying to promote a safer, better trained, adequately staffed and equipped fire service. The WVSFA offers scholarships to college bound firefighters, insurance coverage for individuals pertaining to death benefits, training seminars at various locations across the state, sponsorship of the Junior Firefighter Camp at Jackson’s Mill and many other fire service related endeavors across the State of West Virginia.

Over the years, the Firemen’s Association has been instrumental in the development of the West Virginia State Fire Commission and we have always maintained a presence on that Commission by direct appointment of representatives by the Governor. The WVSFA was the primary proponent to obtain the “State Fund” that many departments within the State rely upon as their primary funding source.

Through the legislative process and our active lobbying campaigns, many small but very important laws were passed, modified or stricken from the record, dependent upon the ultimate needs of our communities and the fire service at-large.


The outlook for the fire service in West Virginia is extremely hopeful. We are looking to maintain a level of proficiency of our trade craft through training and the furthering of our educational goals and opportunities. We are steadfast proponents of the public’s trust in the fire service and endeavor to maintain a balanced service, providing for the public while maintaining our fiduciary responsibility to the tax payers of West Virginia.

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