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Hope this letter finds you all well! We are continuing our planning for the convention this year, and wanted to let you know of a little more information than our previous mailing! The dates are August 14th, 15th and 16th, 2014. We hope to see you there!

So far, two motels will be housing firemen. The Comfort Inn located in Parkersburg (by the Grand Central Mall), and The Wyngate, near the Grand Pointe Conference Center. Rooms allotted at the Wyngate are already filled, but there are rooms at the Comfort Inn. You may want to check back closer to the convention to see if there had been any cancellations. If the Comfort Inn becomes full, we will look into another motel/hotel for our members.



The Wyngate               1502 Grand Central Ave., Vienna          (304) 295-5501        $110.00

The Comfort Inn          401-37th St., Parkersburg                        (304) 424-5300        $111.60


The events are still being planned at this time, but as of right now, the following tentative plans have been made:

Wednesday, August 13th: 11:00am Golf Tournament at Worthington Golf Course, Parkersburg , prices to

be deteremined. Evening: Fish Fry- 6:30 at the American Legion in Williamstown, off Waverly Road, on Central avenue.  We will be running shuttle vans from the hotel as well.

Thursday, August 14th:  9:00am: The convention begins at the Grand Pointe Conference & Reception

Center. Noon: Chief’s Luncheon, Grand Pointe Conference &

Reception Center. – $   Dinner: Cookout at the Dils River Park – $

(we are still working on the price for these functions)

Friday, August 15th:    9:00am: The convention continues at the Grand Pointe Conference & Reception

Center 11:00am: A Memorial Service is planned at Wayside United Methodist Church in Vienna. Dinner: Annual banquet at Grand Pointe Conference & Reception Center – $25 per person

Saturday, August 16th:   Morning: Conclusion of the Business Session at 9:00am to ??

More information and pre-registration forms will be mailed at a later time. If you should have any other questions, please free to contact me at the fire station at (304) 295-5652, or at home (304) 295-6154, or Doyle Burkholder at (304) 481-7975.


Larry L. Goodwin, President

Vienna Volunteer Fire Dept.




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