Our Finalized Legislative Agenda

We have a very good chance of getting several pieces of important legislation passed this session and we need your help. In fact, this may be the best opportunity that we’ve had in years to fix many issues we’ve been dealing with.

Please find your Senator and Delegate contact info from the informational packets below and call their office, let them know that you support these efforts:

  • Permanent Fix for our Worker’s Compensation Premium Payments
  • Recruitment and Retention – A 100% Across-The-Board State Income Tax Exemption for Volunteer Firefighters in the State of West Virginia (Volunteer Firefighters will pay ZERO personal income tax). A 100% Exemption for Personal Property Taxes on one vehicle per-firefighter (ZERO Personal Property Tax on one vehicle). A 100% exemption for the licensing of that vehicle with the State DMV (ZERO licensing fee). Please refer to this recent article out of South Carolina:¬†http://wpde.com/news/local/s-carolina-gov-proposes-tax-cuts-for-vets-first-responders
  • Funding for Training
  • Cancer Presumption

Spread the word!

We’ve been working diligently with the Legislature’s Fire and EMS Committee, with our new lobbyists, Hartman Harman and Cosco, and representatives with other agencies to hash out ideas and to formulate a preliminary strategy for this upcoming Legislative Session.

Legislative Reception
Beni Kedem Shrine
January 16th 2018, 6pm-9pm

Firefighter Day at the Capital
January 17th 2018, 8am
The “Rotunda” may be under repairs during this time. If so, rather than meeting at the south entrance area to the Rotunda, we will meet near the Senate Chambers door.

We will be notifying the Legislators at least 3 times prior to the events. All Firefighters that plan on attending, please find your Senator and Delegate contact info from this website and call their office (http://www.legis.state.wv.us/), let them know you will be attending and try to setup a meeting with them. If there’s a large group from their area in attendance, try to setup a meeting with them in a hallway, where everyone with you can observe and participate in the discussion.

More info to follow in the coming days. Please mark these dates down on your calendars, notify your representatives and try to schedule meetings with your reps. One-on-one communications between you and your reps is IMPERATIVE. We cannot do this for you, you and your fire departments must be involved.

Please note: The revenue stream for any of these projects should be determined by the Legislature. We should not be attempting to tell the Legislature how to make it happen. It is vitally important to fund the projects, where the monies come from is not our concern.

I hope to see hundreds of firefighters from across the State at the Reception and at our Day at the Capital.

Here are some informational links pertaining to the 2018 Legislature:


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