As we have stated repeatedly over the course of the last year, Brickstreet will no longer be offering a renewal or new Worker’s Compensation policies to volunteer fire departments as of July 1 2011.

In a recent email conversation, it was determined that we need a list of providers that will be offering worker’s comp coverage. Here is the list and an explanation on how you will find coverage:

There are three (3) companies that will be offering Worker’s Compensation coverages under the new plan…Brickstreet is not one of the three (3)…

The three (3) are:

  • Traveler’s
  • American Mine
  • Liberty Mutual

Basically, your fire department will not have a choice – you will go into an assigned risk pool and whichever company is up next in the rotation will get your business – kind of an, “eenie, meenie, minie, moe” type deal.  All of these are good companies.  You can still purchase your plan through your agent of record but that agent will have to send it through the assigned risk pool and you will get whatever company is up to bat at the time.  Premiums, from what I have been told, have risen anywhere from 300 to 700%…reimbursement from the pool timelines are still unknown.  Your department will have to pay your full yearly premium up front and then wait to be reimbursed by the state after you submit your copy of a paid invoice and a copy of your paid invoice from last year – you will be reimbursed the difference…supposedly…but this means that your department will have to float the state…

There is also the issue that, if your fire department runs EMS (First Responder, ALS, BLS, etc.), your EMS related man hours and their related premium(s) are not eligible for the premium subsidy – YES, it was not in the legislation BUT the Legislative Auditor’s Office worked that in…is it right?, NO, but until someone challenges it, it is what they are going by.  Not only does this create an accounting headache for fire departments it creates a dilemma where many fire departments are talking about not running EMS and not assisting EMS as those hours will be disallowed from receiving the premium subsidy reimbursement.

Thomas Miller

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